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Looking for an internship ?

Thursday 12 July 2012, by Cayrel

To students interested in working with me

If you send me a generic email, you can be assured that I will ignore it.

I am always seeking motivated Bachelor and Master’s students in mathematics or computer science who are interested in studying cryptography and coding theory. (To see what types of problems I work on, look at my research interests or read some of my papers).

If you are interested in working with me, I strongly recommend that you take a graduate course in cryptography.

However, please note that I can (sometimes) fund students.

I also have implementation projects available for undergraduates or high-school students.

If you are interested, please send :

  • a curriculum
  • a cover letter
  • a recommendation letter

Important: If you send me e-mail about the above, please put the phrase "graduate research" in the subject line.
Otherwise, your email is likely to be mislabeled as spam and discarded.

Use the adress

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